April 25th, 2012

Cheapest Wetsuit

If you are looking for the cheapest wetsuit, take a look at best-wetsuit.com and my latest article.

April 20th, 2012

Wetsuit Top



What do we mean when we say a ‘wetsuit top’?


There are two main types, and sometimes these are described poorly, or misunderstood.

There are rash vests, often worn underneath wetsuits, which have two main purposes.  Namely to minimize the risk or a rash forming by the running of the neoprene wetsuit against the skin, and, particularly for the girls, to look fashionable!  They are not intended to add much warmth when in the water, but they may protect you from jelly fish stings and minor scraps against rocks and the like.  These are typically made of nylon and Lycra

These can also be seen worn on top a wetsuit for advertising by professionals, or by surf schools and the like to identify the trainers and the pupils!

The second type of wetsuit top are neoprene tops of various types that actually work by themselves, or under your wetsuit to add a layer of warmth

Each of the above comes in various styles; they may be a cut as a vest, as a t-shirt, or as a long sleeve shirt.  The common theme is they are all intended to be form fitting and skin tight, as per any wetsuit!

Either type usually provide a high degree of sun protection, so can be ideal as a defence against sunburn. If this is your priority, and particualarly if the top is for a child it probably is, then the coverage is probably the more important factor.  Long sleeves rule!

To learn more, and to find some great wetsuit tops, head over to http://best-wetsuit.com/



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April 17th, 2012

Best Wetsuit

Before we get to who makes the best wetsuit, the first question should be what makes the best wetsuit?

To different people, ‘the best’ means different things.

What is important to YOU?  To be the best, does that mean the cheapest wetsuit, the warmest wetsuit, the most comfortable wetsuit, the most colourful or funky wetsuit, the moststylish wetsuit, or the most hardwearing wetsuit?

Have you also considered which water sports you are particularly interested in and how your choice of wetsuit will be affected by what the water temperature may be.  Do you have other preferences such as the more recognised wetsuit brand names or whether the wetsuit is made with eco friendly materials and processes?

As you can see, there is more to a wetsuit purchase that just getting one that seems to fit!

Head over to best-wetsuit.com to learn more!

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March 29th, 2012

Best Wetsuits

Where can I find the best wetsuits?

This is a question I have heard many times.


I live in North Devon, overlooking one of the best surfing beaches in South West England, and when people have visited, many have asked should they buy a wetsuit or consider wetsuit rental.  In either case, what should they be looking for?

This got me thinking about the number of other watersports I have enjoyed over the years where the same question has arisen on more than one occasion.

The chances are that you have arrived on this page with a similar question.   There are many different answers depending on your definition of ‘the best’.

Do you mean the warmest, or the cheapest, or do you have some other priority, such as being able to put it on or remove it in a few seconds?  If you are looking at children’s wetsuits, how much growing room do you want to allow?  and so on…


It is also important to consider what you want to use the wetsuit for.  The best wetsuit for one sport may not be the best for another.  Or when looking for the best wetsuits are you looking for an all-rounder?

To provide simple answers to many of the possible combinations, find further information on www.best-wetsuit.com , a site specifically created to see you through this maze!



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