Funky and Colourful Wetsuits

In the past,it has been far easier to find wetsuits with funky and colourful designs.

In the 60s you had the era of ‘flower power’ and then the 1980s was the era of the brightest and most colourful wetsuits. Although these appear to have fallen out of fashion in adult suits in recent years, there is still a fair variety of choices for children.

Fortunately for those of us who are bored with the lack of identity or individuality in black on black wetsuits, over the last year or so, even the mainstream manufacturers have been adding in a bit more colour.


If you really want to stand out though, there are a handful of manufactures that provide some great colour schemes.

Currently The options for adults seem to fall into a number of groups as follows.

Camouflage patterns
Funky wetsuits – Images and patterns
Look like…a superhero etc


A bit of history first

For a bit of amusement follow these two links:

A floral design wetsuit from the 60

Some colourful wetsuits from the 80s


 Colourful kids wetsuits

The Kids Window






Camouflage wetsuits

Although usually designed specifically for spearfishing, they are usually high quality and very warm so can be great for other sports too.

A couple of the better known spearfishing wetsuit manufacturers are:













Funky wetsuits – Images and patterns

Some interesting recent designs

Cynthia Rowley











Follow the links below to see that just about anything is possible:

Matt Wilkinson – Dollar Bills

Matt Wilkinson – Tie Dyed


How about showing your muscular structure, or that a shark has taken a few bites out of you!  Follow the link below:

Wetsuits By Diddo









Other brands that are willing to experiment with some imaginative designs are


Muther of all Things

















Look like…a superhero etc

Here is a link to a ‘Batman’ wetsuit’ and a‘Spiderman’ wetsuit



‘Superman’ wetsuit by ‘Wetwear’.  They are able to make you almost any design you can think of, be it a superhero, or to ‘dress up’ for an underwater wedding, or anything else you can think of!














How about looking like a Star Trek crew member?





Why is the industry dominated black wetsuits? Are we afraid to stand out?  Is it because we thing we might look foolish if we aren’t that good at a particular sort?  It’s time to get over it.  Have fun, give yourself and others something to smile about choose an outrageous colour scheme!


If you can add any further suggestions of manufacturers who produce funky looking wetsuits, then please add your thoughts below.  Much appreciated!

If you are a supplier of manufacturer that I haven’t mentioned, PLEASE get in touch!


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