Wetsuit Brand Names

Generally manufacturers of wetsuits can be divided into 3 groups.  Those who produce:


Cheap , high sales volume suits

Typically not using the latest cutting edge technologies or materials.


High end specialist suits

Limited numbers of sales, but typically very high quality and or designer touches.


The well known brands

If you like to have the right brand name, then there are two names to start with.

The founders of each or these companies both lay claim to inventing the first wetsuit around 60 years ago, although the real credit probably goes to a University professor who invented it a few years earlier, but wasn’t as good at the marketing side!  All three were inspired to make surfing more comfortable and were based in California.

Beyond these, there are a number of other well known brands who mosly specialize in particular areas such as triathlon or diving wetsuits.


The two ‘original’ brands

O’Neill best known for surfing wetsuits







Body glove best known for surfing wetsuits


Other well know brands

Mares for diving







Henderson for diving





Cressi for diving and spearfishing wetsuits









Orca for triathlon suits





Quintana Roo for triathlons







BlueSeventy for triathlons





Xterra for triathlons












If you can add any further suggestions of well known brands, then please add your thoughts below.  Much appreciated!

If you are a supplier that I haven’t mentioned, and feel you should be listed here PLEASE get in touch!


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